Principal: Dr. Brenda DeMar-Williams

Welcome to Earhart's Website!

Earhart Elementary School is a kindergarten to eighth grade school in the Calumet Heights neighborhood on Chicago's South Side. We are a Literature and Writing Magnet Cluster School focusing on enabling our students to become critical readers and writing specialists. At Earhart, students learn to express ideas, experiences, and emotions through writing.

Our other primary goals are to increase technology as an instructional tool, improve instructional techniques and methodology, and to effectively follow the Silent Sustained Reading program. Communication between staff and parents is important at Earhart, and our school celebrates the culture of community. Just step inside our school and you will see an enriching environment where students are engaged in the learning process!

News and Announcements

This year the administration and staff have continued to prepare our students for the rigorous academic standards and have held on to the strong traditions, activities, and the high expectations held by parents, students, staff, and community. We firmly believe that when the home and school work together as a team, our young people gain immeasurable benefits.

Upcoming Events

First Day of School Monday, August 8, 2011